9 Ways to Get Money Before You Get Paid

Nearly everyone has found themselves in a situation where they need money, but payday is weeks away, right? Most people react by thinking deeply about it and stressing themselves, which hardly improves the situation. If you are unfortunately in such a dilemma again, there’s no point in worrying (like the last time) because now you have endless ideas.

Do not be frustrated by a financial emergency or a delayed salary. There’s always a way out. While you explore these ideas, be aware of their legitimacy to avoid scams.

Here are some ways to get money before you get paid.

Apply for Payday Loans

Someone out there saw that people often struggle financially before receiving their salary and invented payday loans. These are provided to borrowers to be paid back after the next wage payment. Depending on the amount and lender, you can negotiate repayment in two or three installments.

These payday loans have become a real saver in overcoming financial issues, considering they have fewer requirements than banks. However, you must acknowledge the high-interest rates associated with them and seek to understand every cost to avoid paying more than you borrowed.

Organize a Garage Sale 

Another trick to getting cash before payday is organizing a garage sale. This idea involves selling some unused household items. You don’t need to rent space because it can happen right in front of your house. Plenty of neighbors and random people will see the items as they pass.

This can be an effective way to earn quick cash to sort out something before getting paid. It’s advisable to have low expectations for a garage sale but to supplement it with other ideas.

Working Extra Time 

If your employer or business has room to work extra time, you can use this opportunity to earn more money. If you usually leave work at 4 pm, you can go for an additional two to three hours. You’ll have raised enough money for an emergency in roughly a week.

While you ensure your extra hours are recognized and recorded by the right office, you shouldn’t work extra hard as you’ll be too exhausted the next day. Always spare some hours to rest and regain energy.

Borrow from Family and Friends 

Borrowing from family or friends is always an option when you need money before payday. During such times, you usually need those few close and trusted friends. Please turn to them if you need a loan to finance a need.

You should honor the promised repayment date to ensure the relationship stays strong even after the loan. Furthermore, maintain healthy communication with the lender before the due date and air any inconveniences that may result in delays early enough.

Commercialize Your Talent 

You can commercialize your talent or hobby to earn extra cash from it. For instance, if you love cooking, you can look for outside catering gigs when you’re not in your usual job. You can turn many other talents/hobbies into quick cash, including cleaning, painting, or driving. If this idea seems rewarding, you can stick to it even after receiving your primary salary for more financial security.

Credit Card Cash Advance 

Credit card cash advances are another go-to solution when you need money before getting paid. An advance would be more advisable than a bank or payday loan if you have a credit card. The interest rates and the service fee are usually lower than those of the options mentioned above. Always keep your credit card(s) in good standing for more favorable advance limits.

Take a Personal Loan

A loan from a financial institution you hold an account with is an excellent source of money before you get paid. Nonetheless, this idea favors major economic issues like paying school fees. Taking a loan for petty expenses would be less economical due to interest rates and service fees. Make sure you understand all the charges associated with the loan before signing.

Salary Advance 

Your employer may give you a salary advance to meet a financial need before payday. As the term suggests, this is a part of your primary salary offered in advance and deducted when you get paid.

You should ensure the advance is well recorded to avoid contradictions later. Additionally, you should understand that not all employers agree with this idea. Therefore, approach them professionally and humbly.

Become a Baby or Pet Sitter 

Becoming a part-time baby or pet sitter can earn you some quick money before you get paid. The good thing about this idea is that there are plenty of sites to register as a sitter and easily find a job. It often involves visiting the parents’ house and attending to the pet or baby. The payment rates are decent, depending on your city and qualifications.